Jolifanto bambla ô falli bambla. Grossiga m’pfa habla horem

monday 5 march 2018 – thursday 26 april 2018

Karawane (10+)

Jolifanto bambla ô falli bambla. Grossiga m’pfa habla horem.

This is neither Spanish or African. It’s the first two sentences of a 100-year-old sound poem from the Dadaist Hugo Ball. Hugo and other Dada poets wrote this “sound of unlogic” to try and make the world look at things differently for a change. Because even words without meaning can mean a lot.

Abe likes to have things clear and organized. Then an unusual threesome crosses his path. “Can I take my coat off here?” asks Abe. But the three don’t answer him. They call him Babel and take him into a world where everything is language. Just as he starts getting used to things, one of the three suddenly leaves. But will she come back? How can we reach her, if we do not know her language?

The audience joins Babel in his adventures in which music, dance and poetry take the lead.

This youth performance for children aged 10 and over has been written for Lân fan Taal, part of LF2018.


Tamara Schoppert | Karel Hermans, Peter Sijbenga | Laila el Bazi, Tatiana Matveeva | Peter Sijbenga | Miek Uittenhout |