Work at the professional and all-round theater company of the Frisian province.

Tryater is looking for a new Artistic Director

For over fifty years, Tryater has been the professional, multilingual theatre company in Fryslân – one of the nine theatre companies that form the basic cultural infrastructure in the Netherlands. Tryater’s performances for adults, youth and children are accessible and densely spread across the province of Fryslân. The company performs in municipal and local theatres but also in schools and village halls, and has a long tradition of site-specific theatre, putting on large – sometimes megalomaniacal – projects as well as small, intimate performances in surprising locations. Tryater connects with a broad and diverse audience, not just Frisian-speaking and not just well-educated. It is theatre for the urban and the rural population.

Tryater has rejuvenated and renewed its work over the past decade and whereas previously the Frisian language was presented as the language of Fryslân, Tryater now reflects the multilingual reality of Fryslân (where in addition to Frisian and Dutch numerous other languages are spoken). In the performances, the main societal issues of our 21st century are put in the perspective of everyday life in Fryslân.

As Tryater is the only theatre company in the Frisian-speaking region – or actually two theatre companies, one for adults and one for children – that receives regular funding, it carries a great responsibility for the artistic climate in Fryslân and Northern Netherlands when it comes to performing arts. And this is why Tryater not only produces theatre, but is also involved in cultural education, developing the talent of professional producers and writers, training Frisian-speaking actors, and developing an international network in terms of multilingualism and theatre.

Our ambitions and challenges for the coming years are:

·         To produce theatre of a consistently high and innovative artistic quality

·         To provide opportunities for a new generation of stage artists in Fryslân

·         To further expand and broaden an audience that is as diverse as possible

·         To further strengthen the cultural climate in Fryslân

·         To further strengthen international connections

From mid-2019, the new artistic director will work with the staff at Tryater on drawing up plans (both the artistic and general policies) for the coming period. From the start of the 2020/2021 season, the new artistic director will, alongside the Managing Director, take on the day-to-day management of the theatre company.

If you are interested, send your application letter and CV as soon as possible (and before 4 January 2019) to Tell us in your letter why you think you are suited to the work and outline in what way you think Tryater could develop under your charge.