Karawane (10+)

Jolifanto bambla ô falli bambla. Grossiga m’pfa habla horem

Jolifanto bambla ô falli bambla. Grossiga m’pfa habla horem.

Say what? Is this Spanish or Afrikaans? No, these are the first two lines from Karawane, a 100-year-old sound poem by the Dadaist Hugo Ball. Hugo and other Dada poets wrote this ‘sound of illogic’ to make us look at things differently. To let us listen.

Haps, Mill and Oeffelt. And Babel. The four of them travel through the world. Haps is new and hasn’t said a word so far. Mill changes clothes more often than Lady Gaga and writes at least 27 letters a day. Nobody knows to whom. Oeffelt catches words and sounds, and works on his lifelong composition. And Babel? Babel asks and asks, and wonders.

They will move on tomorrow. Now they are here. And you are a witness. For one hour. You won’t believe your ears. You will smile, raise your eyebrows and frown. Let yourself be surprised and discover that language does not always has to be understood. Come on in. We have already started.

So, say what?

Karawane is a school/youth play for children from 10 years made for Lân fan Taal, part of LF2018.


Tamara Schoppert | Karel Hermans, Peter Sijbenga, Sonia Zwolska, Tatiana Matveeva | Sonia Zwolska, Tatiana Matveeva | Peter Sijbenga | Miek Uittenhout | Gido Bamboe, Rutger van der Hout | Koos de Vries |


"Dwalen in dada's taaltuin"

— Leeuwarder Courant 10 maart 2018