Are you at secondary school and would you like to know more about theatre (and the theatre)? Or have you almost finished secondary school and would like to seriously work on your talent for theatre alongside your further or higher education? In both cases, Tryater is the place for you.!

Try This 

If you are between 13 and 23 years’ old, interested in arts and culture and wanting to do something in the area, then Tryater is where you can develop your interest in theatre and find out where your talent lies. A place where you can feel welcome and simply join in. Come join your peers and act, make and explore.

Young Tryater

Tryater youth is an internal programme for talented young players (18-24 years) with ambition. You follow the programme alongside your further or higher education or work. Tryater Youth can only be met followed if you get through the audition programme successfully. You then commit to Tryater for two years and are taught to develop yourself as theatre player and maker.

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