This is us

This is us

We play over 270 shows a year for some 25.000 audience members

Tryater is the only multilingual theatre company in Fryslân and forms a part of the Basic National Cultural Infrastructure. We play all over Fryslân; in theatres, on ice rinks, in schools and in factories. Mainly in Frisian, the language with which Tryater is the multilingual theatre company in Fryslân and is part of the Basic National Cultural Infrastructure. We put on over 270 large and small-scale multilingual productions (at least in Frisian and Dutch) each year for some 25,000 children, youth and adults. Based in Leeuwarden but performing all over Friesland and beyond, you see us in theatres, villages, in schools and on location. We bring out new stories, that are close to the heart of our audience, drawing on all the experience we have gained since our founding in 1965 and on the inspiration and energy given by the young talent we work with. 


Tatiana Pratley
Tatiana Pratley artistic director
Valentijn Fit
Valentijn Fit business director
Nina Thunnissen
Nina Thunnissen company dramaturge
Tineke Fopma
Tineke Fopma executive secretariat
Jelly Steenstra
Jelly Steenstra coördination business network
Johannes Keekstra
Johannes Keekstra communication manager
Rixt Bottema
Rixt Bottema planning, CRM and ticket sales coördination
Willemina de Jong
Willemina de Jong online marketing & communication
Cristine Barends-Rotgans
Cristine Barends-Rotgans coordinator diversity & inclusion, marketing & communication youth theater
Femke Wijbenga
Femke Wijbenga marketing & communication adult theater
Anja Ruiter
Anja Ruiter marketing & communication adult theater
Annelies Visser
Annelies Visser marketeer toegankelijkheid
Tsjerk Buruma
Tsjerk Buruma marketing & PR
Jeannette Boskma
Jeannette Boskma office assistant
Jannie van der Veen
Jannie van der Veen manager education
Anne Zijlstra
Anne Zijlstra education
Eline de Vries
Eline de Vries actor, education
Nienke Rullmann
Nienke Rullmann education
Ekko de Bakker
Ekko de Bakker coordinator sustainability, production manager
Amarins Jansma
Amarins Jansma coordinator social safety, production manager
Nina Postma
Nina Postma coordinator international, production manager youth theater
Hester Douma
Hester Douma stagiair productie
Aart Laferte
Aart Laferte technical manager
Bart Schurer
Bart Schurer technique
Gerard Jorna
Gerard Jorna technique
Jan Bruinsma
Jan Bruinsma technique
Gido Bamboe
Gido Bamboe technique
Sigrid Jonker
Sigrid Jonker technique
Hilly Kronemeijer
Hilly Kronemeijer coordinator accessibility, facility services, volunteers coördination and production
Mara Scheffer
Mara Scheffer productiemedewerker toegankelijkheid
Iris van der Linden
Iris van der Linden stagiair toegankelijkheid
Myrna Sikkes
Myrna Sikkes domestic services
Lisa Ronner
Lisa Ronner domestic services
Joukje Bosch
Joukje Bosch coödination costume studio
Karel Hermans
Karel Hermans actor, coordinator talent development, theater creator
Aukje Schaafsma
Aukje Schaafsma actor, theater creator
Hali Neto
Hali Neto theater creator
Tamara Schoppert
Tamara Schoppert actor, director
Joop Wittermans
Joop Wittermans actor
Eva Meijering
Eva Meijering actor, director
Rop Verheijen
Rop Verheijen actor
Brecht Wassenaar
Brecht Wassenaar actor, theater teacher
Lourens van den Akker
Lourens van den Akker actor
Nynke Heeg
Nynke Heeg actor
Rixt Siderius
Rixt Siderius actor
Klaske Smid
Klaske Smid actor
Oane Marten van der Veen
Oane Marten van der Veen actor
Michaël Bloos
Michaël Bloos actor, director
Mitchell Hamel
Mitchell Hamel actor
Valerie van de Ridder
Valerie van de Ridder actor
Gerwin de Vries
Gerwin de Vries actor, theater teacher
Raymond Muller
Raymond Muller actor, text
Romke Gabe Draaijer
Romke Gabe Draaijer actor, theater teacher
Sjoerd Blom
Sjoerd Blom actor, education, theater teacher
Rik Witteveen
Rik Witteveen actor
Esther Ymkje van Steenis
Esther Ymkje van Steenis actor
Luna van Drunen
Luna van Drunen actor, theater teacher
Wessel de Vries
Wessel de Vries text
Mats Voshol
Mats Voshol music
Laurens van der Meulen
Laurens van der Meulen music
Peter Sijbenga
Peter Sijbenga dramaturgy, musician, text, translator
Sjoeke-Marije Wallendal
Sjoeke-Marije Wallendal director
Maarten Bos
Maarten Bos dramaturgy
Hanne Pierrot
Hanne Pierrot costumes
Mathilde van der Hoop
Mathilde van der Hoop costumes
Afke Manshanden
Afke Manshanden scenographer
Calle de Hoog
Calle de Hoog scenographer
Janne Sterke
Janne Sterke scenographer
Johan van der Berg
Johan van der Berg finance (Scheffer Administraties)
Enny Breukel
Enny Breukel finance (Scheffer Administraties)
Karin Scheffer
Karin Scheffer salary administration

Freonen van Tryater board

Jelle Terwal (chairman), Anneke de Vries (secretary), Jan Visser (treasurer), Gerda Geerts, Wytse Algra, Johannes Keekstra (advisory member), Femke Wijbenga (advisory member)

Supervisory board

Fred Veenstra (chairman), Theo Andreae, Joana Duarte, Hildegard Draaijer, Relinde Vos, Hendrikus Venema

Tweespraak & Station Noord

Luna van Drunen, Caya Emmelkamp, Tim Helderman, Maaike Meindertsma, Ids Tjaarda, Eva Koopmans, Michelle Samba, Rachel Schuit, Tom Tieman


Finny Andringa, Frans Bakker, Tineke Bleeker, Tini Boelen-Brouwer, Aukje Bosch, Joukje Bosch, Agnes Bouma, Yt Bouma, Peter de Bruin, Aukje de Bruin, Epko Dalstra, Boukje Dijkman, Els Fongers, Margje van Gelder, Sip van Gelder, Marjan Groen, Geertje Heeg-Folkerts, Harold Hesselink, Dora Hettinga, Baukje Idzerda-Venema, Aleida de Jong, Yke de Jong, Tytsje Julianus, Jantsje Kalsbeek-Nauta, Syb ten Kate, Fedde Knol, Berend Lania, Grieteke Martens-de Jong, Martinus Meindertsma, Akke Miedema-Tjallema, Oekie van der Molen, Betty Sinnema, Ike Sinnema, Jaap Stienstra, Tjikke Titalepta-Poortman, Ronnie Titalepta, Martsje Valk, Hanneke Veltman, Grieteke van der Vlugt, Anneke van der Wal, Gerry de Wal, Klaas van der Wey, Susan Wijbenga, Anne Zijlstra


Inclusivity and accessibility

Tryater feels it is important to be as accessible as possible to everyone. The foyer and the main and small auditoriums are easily accessible for those who have difficulty walking. When we perform on location, we recommend checking our website or that of the location for accessibility.

Many of our productions are accessible to the deaf or hard-of-hearing thanks to surtitles or Goggle Glasses. This is indicated per production on the website. Tryater often selects a number of performances in the series for translation using surtitles or Google Glasses.  

Tryater aims to ensure one performance per tour is accessible for those who are blind or partially sighted. The foundation Komt het Zien! (Come and See!) helps to make it possible to follow a production when audiovisually impaired, thanks to live audio descriptions and meet & feel introductions. More information is available on www.komthetzien.nl

About Tryater

About Tryater

Tryater is the multilingual theatre company in Fryslân and is part of the Basic Cultural Infrastructure in the Netherlands. We play all over Fryslân: in theatres, on ice rinks, in schools and in factories. Mainly in Frisian, the language with which Frisians have an immediate emotional bond, but also in Dutch and in other languages.

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Tryater has a beautiful foyer and two auditoria. If there are no productions or rehearsals, you can hire an auditorium.

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Tryater’s history takes us back to 1965 when the Fryske Toanielstifting (the Frisian theatre company) was founded. This makes it the oldest company in the country.

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