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The finale with Easterlittens as backdrop

When there’s a birth, they’re there. When there’s a death, they’re there. When someone’s been married 50 years or if a new supermarket is opened, they’re there. A whole life long.  

In this major on-location production of Fanfare, you meet the members of the music society in a small village that, despite everything and whatever happens, come together every Tuesday evening to rehearse. While chairperson Wieke throws herself into the preparations for the summer concert, euphonium player Rinse wonders if his bad eyesight will stop him playing. And for the majority of the members, the new conductor Jetske takes a bit of getting used to. But whatever happens and however strong the wind blows, the marching band always walks on.

Fanfare is a poetic and humorous story of the members of a marching band. About a diverse group of people looking for harmony in themselves and with each other, but hardly ever finding it. With a large cast and the artistic team behind successful productions such as Part-time Paradise and Under Water, Tryater is putting on a major on-location production against the backdrop of Easterlittens.

Good to know

  • Price: € 29.50 (regular), € 24.50 (Friends of Tryater), € 17.50 (under 25s)
  • Parking is situated at the Baerderdyk (around 400m from the location)
  • Fanfare is suitable for audiences aged 12 and over
  • If the performance is cancelled due to bad weather, it may be rescheduled in the week of 25-29 June ’24. Tickets are valid for the relevant rescheduled date.

Language no problem

  • Both Frisian and Dutch are spoken in Fanfare. Dutch subtitling is available (news ticker)
  • English subtitles available (smart glasses). Choose the ‘ticket+smart glasses’


In these times of increasing individualism with people cutting down on their volunteer club life, the creators at Tryater visited more than thirty marching bands in Fryslân. What is it that brings them together each week to make music?

Director and artistic director Tatiana Pratley: “I think it’s amazing to see how these people, with totally different backgrounds and ages, choose to come together each week to make music and get completely absorbed in something that is so much bigger than just themselves. While we were researching, we heard so many beautiful, touching and funny stories that we thought we could probably make a trilogy out of them. That’s how the idea was born to develop a trilogy and spend a whole season looking at the dynamics of the marching band and the reasons people play in them. For us, the marching band represents something much bigger, namely the strength of the community and the importance of doing something of value together.

Members of Frisian marching bands play in all three productions, and each production can be seen independently of the others. Ynblaze (Warming up) is set during a band rehearsal and in Thúsblaze (Blowing home), set in Frisian living rooms, you meet a character from the final production. The major on-location production of Fanfare is an open-air play against the backdrop of Easterlittens.

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is Logo_Colour_blank.jpgDeze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is EN-Co-funded-by-the-EU_POS-1920x403.jpgLogo Provincie Fryslan

The Fanfare-finale is part of the project phōnē, co-funded by the European Union. The project connects people who belong to a language minority across language and cultural borders. The theatre companies work for, with and on these language communities.
  • Fanfare has wheelchair access and there is a wheelchair toilet available. Make sure you reserve a wheelchair place
  • For visitors with walking difficulties there is limited parking space next to the location
  • English subtitles available (Smart Glasses) at the shows from June 1 and further. Choose the ‘ticket + smart glasses’
  • Sign language available through Smart Glasses at the shows from June 1 and further. Choose the ‘ticket + smart glasses’
  • Audio description in Dutch (blind/visually impaired) available at the shows from June 7 and further. Choose the ‘ticket + audio descriptie’
  • If you have questions about accessibilty and/or you want more information, please contact Hilly Kronemeijer
Knappe, volle locatievoorstelling rondom de microkosmos die fanfare heet
De fanfare spilet altyd troch: Tryater jout moai byld fan it spyljen by in doarpskorps
Leeuwarder Courant
Fanfare fan Tryater: it gehiel is mear as de som fan 'e dielen
Omrop Fryslân
Fanfare: it korps spilet altyd troch yn de mienskip
Friesch Dagblad
Tryaters 'Fanfare' op de ijsbaan in Easterlittens: dorp heeft de spelers omarmd
Leeuwarder Courant
Locatievoorstelling Fanfare: ‘De fanfare spilet altyd troch’
Gelegenheidsfanfare Tryater staat in de startblokken, gastvrouw Ytsje stelt huiskamer graag beschikbaar voor 'Thúsblaze'
Leeuwarder Courant
Tryater speelt 'Fanfare', niet de film maar een locatieproject over Friese hafabra-cultuur
Leeuwarder Courant


Brecht Wassenaar
Joop Wittermans
Rop Verheijen
Eva Meijering
Lourens van den Akker
Nynke Heeg
Rixt Siderius (stage)
Klaske Smid (stage)
Oane Marten van der Veen (stage)
Tatiana Pratley
Aukje Schaafsma
Sjoeke-Marije Wallendal
Wessel de Vries
Laurens van der Meulen
Maarten Bos
Hanne Pierrot
Mathilde van der Hoop
Afke Manshanden
Gerwin de Vries
players Brecht Wassenaar, Joop Wittermans, Rop Verheijen, Eva Meijering, Lourens van den Akker, Nynke Heeg, Rixt Siderius (stage), Klaske Smid (stage), Oane Marten van der Veen (stage) | conceptor and director Tatiana Pratley | direction Aukje Schaafsma | final direction Sjoeke-Marije Wallendal | text Wessel de Vries | music Laurens van der Meulen | dramaturgy Maarten Bos | costumes Hanne Pierrot, Mathilde van der Hoop | scenography Afke Manshanden | assistant director Gerwin de Vries | rehearsal director marching band Wilbert Zwier, Tjeerd Barkmeijer | musicians marching band Boukje Nienke Abma, Jettie Andringa, Jelle Beks, Akke Blom, Sanne Boersma, Jan Bootsma, Jantine Born, Maarten Bos, Wybren van Breeden, Francisca te Bück, Anky Dijkstra, Marije van der Eems, Gerwin Elzinga, Julia Geertsma, Dirk Hilarides, Ytsje Hoekstra, Jelly Hoekstra - van der Wal, Jenny Hof, Froukje Jansen, Korry Jongsma, Natasja Kalmeijer, Ineke Kalteren, Douwe Kamperman, Marwin Koopmans, Jantine Kurpershoek, Julia Overal, Thomas Paulusma, Trude Postmus, Botsje Pranger Koopmans, Friso Rietstra, Jitske Schmitz, Jente Sjoerd Seffinga, Jantine Spoor, Pauline Veldhuis, Suzanne Versteeg, Marlies Voogd, Sandra de Vries, Paulus de Wit, Ineke Wittermans, Jetske Woudstra, Elske Woudstra | our thanks go to Ria Fennema, Jeanette Valkema | made possible by Leeuwarder Ondernemers Fonds, Van der Glas Muziekinstrumenten & Musicbox |




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